A TEAM GEARED TO SERVE Event Specialists

Area X is a Multi-Events Brand. Created to bring exciting, fresh and modern events solutions to all clients and its following. Providing outstanding service and solutions through diverse thinking and experience.

A brand designed to host small meeting-based events to large concert and festival events. Product promotions, brand exposures and more…

We create events and brand actions. From ideas to movements, our actions engage your audience and drive your business solutions. We created platforms such as our social media platforms and websites for digital marketing strategies. 

the leading brand... Bring fresh ideas, inspire moments, events and happiness

Improve Life through vibe'

Online Magazine

Area X automotive section features an online magazine,  downloadable for free. The magazine covers articles locally and abroad, featuring local custom cars or from neighbouring countries. 

The magazine can be downloaded from our automotive website. The main aim of the magazine is to showcase passionate enthusiasts,  disciplined at their craft.


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