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Area X is an Automotive brand geared to showcase the best of the best in custom and new automobiles.

Area X created a platform through our online magazine (downloadable free), social media platforms, and website to showcase passionate automobiles, hard-working, disciplined, and creative talented individuals/groups.

The long-term vision is to partner up with any motoring company, corporate entity, and organization. Exhibiting their brand/s at any of our events happening throughout the year.

As a brand, Area X not only caters to the stance enthusiasts but to all automotive enthusiasts. Entertaining the audience, followers, and X friends a different experience, expectations, and good vibes with each event.

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Automotive Culture


A big part of the X Brand is the community outreach, Charity X, strongly believing in the impact each and everyone has in one another's lives, by their ability to give a helping hand.  All life matters, we all can play a part in it.

X - Wear

X-Wear, a brand by Area X. Namibian birth, Area X is an Automotive brand geared to showcase the best of the best in custom and new automobiles. X-Wear hosts all X merchandise in our Online Shop.

Area X Achievements

Milestones we have Reached!

Every achievement is measured through progress created in reaching a target.

Thu Jul 13 2017
Area X was founded

It all started with an Idea while a team of guys preparing for a local show. In the momentum of touching up, painting, and polishing a seed got planted. Area X was created.

Thu Nov 12 2020
First Event

In November 2020, a Park & Meet was launched as Area X's first-ever gathering. More than 50 cars attended the Park & Meet.

Sat May 01 2021
First Annual Auto Festival

1st of MAY 2021, saw the earmark of the Area X Auto Festival. An event that will commence annually in different areas of the country.

Sat Oct 30 2021
First Stance Off Event

The Stance Off - Windhoek launched on October 2021, whereby three main winners walked away winning an Award and Vouchers by EAS.

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