Auto of the Month Competition

 Auto of the Month Competition

With the growth and expansion of the Brand, a number of competitions and prizes will be given away monthly, quarterly and yearly. As part of the new expansion, Area X will run its first competition with the Auto of the Month competition.

This competition will see one winner each month, starting August 2022, walk away with a cash prize of N$300.00. The cash prize serves as a release for the ever-increasing fuel charges. The competition will run until the end of December 2022.

Excited yet? In addition to the competition, viewers will vote on the Area X main site and the winners of the competition will be announced in the first week of the new month.

How does it work?

Steps To Follow

  • Log on to our main site www.,
  • Click the tab, what we feature, in the top menu, X-Competitions & Prizes.
  • Then Click on Competitions, and select the Auto of the Month.
  • You will be required to complete the form and upload the relevant three images required to complete.
  • Answer the question on the form provided to proceed.
  • once you are completed, the Area X team will forward a link to your email and/or WhatsApp.
  • Share the link for your friends &/ family members to vote for your auto.

Social Media Platforms

All the monthly Autos will be posted on our social platforms to boost the competition & Voters. Each contestant’s auto will be displayed on its own and these posts can be shared from our pages.