Different Shifts in Wind

 Different Shifts in Wind

On the 3rd and 4th of June 2022, Area X hosted our first ever non-auto event. Since its very first event back in 2020, Area X has been catering for only Stance and auto enthusiasts. With change being inevitable, the brand has decided that it was the right time to become part of the evolution. The team at X, have made the elusive jump to broadening up its services to hosting different types of events.

Newer and hyper services to the brand were introduced, back in April 2022, to bring our following and clients more experiences and more to look forward to. A list of services like Exposition; Online Events; Promotional Events; Brand Exposure and more.

The idea and plan was to start off with an angle, an automotive events angle. Now it’s time to grow into its fullest potential and bring the best experience to all our fans, followers and mostly our clients.

Deon T. Vilas – Founder

Automotive events are not lost, it will commence as planned and will host events such as the Battle Offs, Tour Ya Stance, Auto Festival and Park & Meets. There will be a lot of changes to the style of auto events to match the pedigree and standard that is Area X.