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Terms & Conditions

Of the Competition

  1. Participants can only enter once in two months. meaning that once a participant wins in month one, they can then only be considered a winner in month three.
  2. Only participants that entered and win, will be awarded the voucher or cash prizes of the voucher’s value. 
  3. Contestants entering the competition must be the owner of the auto.
  4. Winners will be announced on the first of every month, on our social platforms and online magazine.
  5. No refunds!!! Vouchers can be passed on.
  6. Participants must upload three (3) images of their auto, side view, front view, and rear view/ interior view (optional between the two).
  7. A minimum of two (2), and/or a maximum of six (6) participants can compete in the Auto of the Month competition within a selected month.
  8. First come policy applies, meaning only the first 2 to 8 entries will be accepted per month.
  9. Any participant found not truthful in the entries will be disqualified and banned.
  10. All posts must be shared from our social media platforms and tagged.
  11. The auto must be CUSTOMISED, even only with a set of custom rims.