What we Can do

Stellar services we provide


Total production from planning to management of large-scale events. Featuring from product, automotive, and or art & creations.

Online Events

Conferences that connect locally, or to the world, virtual exhibitions. Online events that opens up the new normal era.


Meetings; Intelligent Training / Programs; Conventions / Conferences; Exhibition / Event, from planning too production.

Festivals & Cultural

Planning, directing, and managing of festivals, carnivals and cultural events. Also managing the social media market and advertisement.

Promotional Events

Increase your sales and awareness by targeting the right consumer market based on the product/services promoted.

PR Events

Manage and organise platforms for a strategic communications process that helps build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships

Sports Festival Events

Total production from large to small sporting events and festivals, development programs, of various sports organisations.

Brand Exposure

Creating, and establishing comprehensive brand awareness campaign plans. Engaging the right target market for full exposure.

Team Excursions

The incentive of teamwork is above all, an end goal. Creating Team building programs suited for a specific teams / groups.

What we offer

Projects and events

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Online Magazines

A free monthly copy of the Online X-Magazine. Featuring custom/new build local and international auto.

Automotive Culture

The automotive culture devision in the Area X portfolio is designed to focus on custom auto events around the country.

X - Wear

A brand by Area X, hosting all X merchandise on our Online Shop. The merchandise varies from headwear, T-shirts, shorts, and more.

We give Back

Creating Hope

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Foundation X

Foundation X, is a brand by Area X. Created for community projects, charities and individual support systems.